How Do Towards the Bangka Belitung Island?

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LASPELA – Bangka Belitung was rising as a tourist destination. Local government has continued to aggressively promote these two islands. In contrast to a few years ago, access to the Pacific Islands is now very easy.

From Jakarta, tourists can hop on the plane to Depati Amir in Louth or service H A S Hanandjoeddin in Tanjung Pandan. Pangkal Pinang is located on the island of Bangka, while Tanjung Pandan is located in Belitung.

There are six airlines serving the Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang, namely Sriwijaya, Lion Air, Garuda, Merpati, Batavia, and Aviastar. Ticket prices start at Rp 300,000. In total there are about 15 flights a day on route from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang. Besides through Jakarta, another alternative to Pangkal Pinang to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Batam, or Bandar Lampung.

Flight routes from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan is only served by Sriwijaya and Batavia. Sriwijaya provide the flight route four times a day. The Batavia once a day. Ticket prices start at Rp 350,000. In addition to Jakarta, Tanjung Pandan flights can be through Yogyakarta, Semarang, Medan, Batam, Denpasar and Palembang.

Flights from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang and Jakarta-Tanjung Pandan fluctuate, depending on the season and weekend visits solid. At the weekend and the holiday season, ticket prices will be expensive. From Jakarta, the travel time less than one hour, either to Pangkal Pinang and Tanjung Pandan.

If your time allows, you should visit the two islands. The reason, both offer equally compelling travel. Fans of culinary history and can be found in the Pacific, while in the Pacific Islands is rich in marine tourism.

From Jakarta, you can take a plane to Pangkal Pinang. Completed around Bangka Island, then you cross over to the island of Belitung. After exploring the island of Belitung, then you go back to Jakarta through the airport in Tanjung Pandan.

There are two ways that can be taken to get from Bangka Belitung. The first way is by plane. Airlines that serve these are Sky Aviation. This airline serves the route twice a day. Travel time is about half an hour. Ticket prices start at Rp 400,000.

The second way is to take a fast boat (jetfoil) KM Bahari Express through the Port Pangkalbalam, Pangkal Pinang. KM Bahari Express airport service from Bangka Belitung one day, at 14.00. This ship is very convenient. You can choose from three classes as needed, namely VIP, executive and economy.

VIP ticket prices for vessels ranging from Rp 200,000. 4-5 hour long journey. In the VIP class, available seats are padded seats like on an airplane. In addition, VIP rooms are also air-conditioned, get a snack, and provided entertainment in the form of television.

Prices are cheaper for the executive class ranging from Rp 170,000 and economy class start from
Rp 140,000. Ships will be docked at the Port of Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. This vessel is available every day, except Tuesdays.

Fun by boat, you can drop into the wheelhouse viewed captain running the ship. Can also sit in the rear of the ship for a panoramic view of the sea. Especially when enjoying the beautiful sunsets.

Meanwhile on land transport, public transport in Bangka easier than in Belitung. In Bangka, you can come to the terminal in the area Pangkal Pinang which provides buses between districts. In Louth itself no public transportation commonly called minibus.

In Belitung, inter-district bus was there. However, public transportation is very rare. If your goal traveled comfortably, either in Bangka and Belitung, you can rent a car, motorcycle or bike rental.

Avanza type car with a driver without gasoline in Bangka and Belitung in the range of rental prices ranging from Rp 350,000 per day. In Bangka and Belitung, another option is to ride motorcycles. Very easy to find taxis in both islands.

You can hire a motorcycle taxi all day, ranging from Rp 100,000, depending on the distance you will travel. Another alternative is a bike rental at a price range of Rp 60,000 per day.

Rental cars can you ask from a local travel agency, many brochures you find in airports. Or, ask the hotel to look for a rental car. Neither the motorcycle and bike rental, you can ask to the hotel.

From Depati Amir in Louth, you can just by minibus to the hotel, depending on the location where your hotel. While iru from H A S Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan or Tanjung Pandan to the hotel you can take to ride motorcycles.

At the Port of Tanjung Pandan, motorcycle-taxis are busy offering escort services to the hotel. Motorcycle taxi can also be used to escort guests to Cape Kelayang.

Cape Kelayang the departure point for boat (called citizens Belitung for motorized boats) used a tourist to explore the small islands in Belitung pretty. Boat rental price depends on the number of people who ride in the boat. To 10, rental prices ranging from Rp 350,000.

You can search for rental boats in Cape Kelayang or contact your local travel agent or the hotel. In Belitung, boat rentals have been coordinated. There is a special coordinator to manage the boat rental.

At the weekend, rental car or rental boats in Bangka and Belitung are often full. It is better if you come on a weekend, rent cars and boats you have a message well before departure.


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